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Eye, Vision , Light Eye is precious. And Vision is more precious . We must all take utmost care of both eye and vision.The main features of the eye and images of what might be seen in case of three most common eye problems we get afflicted with  are illustrated here. In a recently concluded international conference Lux Pacifica 2015 on Lighting held in Calcutta, a very interesting and revealing paper on the role of Lighting to Eye and Vision was presented by Prof. Warren Julian of Sydney University .It has evoked so much of interest in me that I thought of sharing it with you all to create awareness amongst all my readers. You will find below the excerpts from Prof. Julian's paper. Main Features of Human Eye An Idea of What might be seen VISION THROUGH CATARACT VISION THROUGH GLAUCOMA VISION FOR DIABETICS  Excerpts from Paper presented by Prof Warren Julian of the University of Sydney at Lux Pacifica 2015 held in Calcutta, November 27 to 29,2015  Con