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Blue Light Hazards the best of internet directory for free! This business is listed under Technical Writing Directory The optical pathway in a human eye is connected to the visual cortex (part of the brain which mediates the sense of light) via a nervous system. The nervous system comprises photo-receptors of two types – 1) Rods; 2) Cones (named on basis of the shapes of these nerve receptors). These photo-receptors, in turn, contribute to three types of visions with image forming functions, and are important for normal daily function and life quality. Scotopic (Rod) Vision -When the field luminances lie between 10⁻⁶ cd/sqM   to 10⁻² cd/sqM . This is a vision in the darkness. The world is grey and there is no sensation of colour. Mesopic Vision - Most important vision from a Lighting Designer’s point of view. This occurs when the field luminance is raised upwards from 10⁻² cd/sqM    to 10 cd/sqM. As the luminance moves upward the luminosity of