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REAL-TIME SUCCESSN. JAYARAMAN Much to my chagrin, I have often come across instances when somepeople interacting with me choose to subconsciously place me at an elevated level, absolutely notcommensurate with my present worth, intellectual or physical,if any. I guess, by virtue of the position I might have occupied, once upon a time, by default,in one or two organizations, for a certain time, people tend to do so, which does not, ipso facto, contribute anything to my inner worth or IQ. That would have remained stagnant at a particular point or rather declined with advancing age, medical side effects or God knows what. It is also not necessary that all those people, who have something to do or not to do with me, have to be compared with me, on one parameter or the other, every now and then. But on certain occasions, consciously or otherwise, this practice is resorted to by people, whether it serves them any purpose or not. Perhaps, it has something to do with some psychological issues, …