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Rembrandt & Anne of Amsterdam

Holland 2 - Museums of two famous residents Rembrandt & Anne Frank The Jewish Market in Amsterdam buzzed in the morning. The food stalls, in particular, were tempting. I don’t exactly remember what I had, but some titbits definitely to satiate a desire normally triggered by delectable display of street foods. After hanging around in the market for a brief period, we took a Line 9 tram to Waterlooplein stop. We got down at the corner of the street leading to Rembrandt House. My knowledge on Rembrandt was very limited at that ti me. I only knew that he was a Dutch artist. My stupid brain seemed to have advised me against spending money and watching some paintings of a single artist. Instead I preferred to relax on a bench in the open overlooking a canal below with a cup of coffee and enjoy the sight of tourist laden motorboats streaming past. My wife, on the other hand, had studied a lot about Rembrandt before coming to Amsterdam. She briefed me and also convinced me in cha