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In God's Own Country

God's Own Country Kerala --- God’s Own Country How green is my country? Most of it is. In varying degrees and shades. But when we traveled from Trivandrum to Kanyakumari on a train, the green opened up. Something different from what I have hitherto seen. Enthralling. Soothingly caressed our visual system throughout the journey. We were struck by the abundant creation of nature as our train glided through the green corridor. Lined up on both sides by coconut trees, some short and some very tall. Interspersed with fleeting views of giant banana trees, with some dark green, some light green, some heavy and thick in foliage only to be broken by sporadic patches of bright green meadows This continued till our train reached the land’s end. We put up at Vivekananda Kendra, not far from Kanyakumari station. A serene campus that induces an aura of meditativeness. So comfortable that we longed to prolong our stay. Getting up at three in the morning and sauntering down the p