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FLORENCE     Florence –  the capital of the Tuscany region and the cradle of Renaissance   We opted for Flix Bus while traveling from Venice to Florence. The road journey takes about three and a half-hour. In Florence, it terminates at the rear end of Santa Maria Novella (SMN) train station. One of Italy’s busiest stations, it got its name from Santa Maria Novella Church just across the plaza from the main entrance. We debarked at the station and refreshed ourselves at McDonald's before hiring a cab for our hotel. Florence, popularly known as ‘Firenze’ by the Italians, is located in central Italy. This dreamy city with a romantic name is the regional capital of the lovely Tuscany region.   Columbus Hotel, where we stayed, is located in Lugarno District. We always prefer to book our hotels through as we always land up getting good hotels at good locations. Despite being a little away from the heart of the city and Santa Maria Novella station


SOLAR LED GARDEN LIGHT SOLAR LED GARDEN LIGHT SOLAR LED GARDEN LIGHTS INSTALLED AT MY TERRACE GARDEN IN GURGAON RESIDENCE Photographs by Arundhati ( Ruby ) Sengupta SOLAR LED GARDEN LIGHT It enhances the aesthetics of your garden in the night. No installation hassles, no wiring . JUST PLANT IN YOUR TUB OR GARDEN AND FORGET. WILL LIGHT UP AUTOMATICALLY AT SUNDOWN          For further enquiry please contact: biswajit sengupta  mob: +919911196020 email:


KINDLE FIRE , the first Tablet launched by Amazon will be ready for shipping from November 15 2011. This tablet runs a highly modified version of Android. Being primarily a device for reading books, consuming Amazon audio and video content and web content through a special hosting service, it supports file formats Kindle(AZW),pdf,mobi,doc,jpg,mp3,mp4, and more.CPU is 1GHz dual core,8 GB storage, 512 MB RAM it has a battery which allows 8hrs reading / 7.5hrs video.7.5x4.7x.45 inches - that's all to be a cute palm top. Posted: November 14 2011 < div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on"> This clipping appeared last week in Hindustan Times India October 2011 AMAZON INTRODUCES ITS FIRST TABLET COMPUTER                                       PRICED AT $199 Amazon introduces a smaller and affordable Tablet Computer of 8GB memory. Will be available from USA w.e.f 15th November 2011 and priced at $199 it will be has shared: Product Friday: Sun 3 In-Grade LED Luminaire by Edge Lighting

Product Friday: Sun 3 In-Grade LED Luminaire by Edge Lighting Source: Offered in a 3-in. round beveled or square beveled trim, Edge Lighting’s Sun 3, provides a precise 23-degree beam of warm white light from a recessed, in-grade LED luminaire. A remote 12VAC power supply powers the luminaire and an internal LED driver controls the high-intensity LED. An optional optical assembly may be added to tilt or shield the beam and holds up to three media, including louvers and color filters. sent this using ShareThis .