And Quiet Flows the Bhagirathi

And Quiet Flows the Bhagirathi ----- Murshidabad in 21st century   Quiet and placid. Even the view of the river Bhagirathi from the Hazaar Duari Palace located on its bank in Murshidabad town is obliterated by shacks selling mementos to tourists. Further up where one could catch a glimpse of the river is inaccessible as the entire stretch has turned into a garbage dump. Sort of a tribute paid to a river which witnessed some great events in history. From shifting of capital of undivided Bengal,Bihar and Orissa from Dacca to Murshidabad under the regime of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb till the time when the British took over the power and shifted the capital to Calcutta.The Nawabs at Murshidabad held many festive events on Bhagirathi, as suggested by paintings displayed at Hazaar Duari Museum. Murshidabad ,being capital, grew up to a bustling cosmopolitan city in the eighteenth century. There were settlers from all over India like Jains from Rajasthan, Debi Singh and likes from Pun

Poems of a retired Engineer from Calcutta

Poems penned by retired eminent Engineer Ramni Prasad SUNSET AT MAYFAIR EMERALD As I sit on the terrace Of Mayfair Emerald in Kolkata, I watch a heavenly phenomenon unfold In the western sky. The sun larger and red, Seems sinking in the horizon With an ever changing cloud pattern A spectacle I watch in utter amazement. The birds fly homewards, Tired after the day’s toil, Gather in groups, Bidding goodbye to the restless world. The dogs bark on the road below, To settle some grave issues, Then suddenly withdraw And silence prevails again. I go round the terrace, On a leisurely walk. Keep counting the mandatory rounds, That falsely assures my fitness. On the pavements below, Ladies young and old, Gather after their day’s toil, To enjoy some mirth and merriment. New apartment houses, Keep coming up, Served so far, by a sing

LED and Fireflies

 From Twinkling of Fireflies to LED - more on Green Light,the Millennium Light! Twinkle Twinkle little stars. NOW I WONDER WHERE YOU ARE??  Leave aside stars; on a clear night in urban India you do not even get glimpses of fireflies nowadays. Vanished! Magician – Artificial Light Pollutant. Lighting professionals all over the world are relentless in their effort to relive the olden days of mystical star gazing experience on clear nights. The solution lies in LED as light source in general lighting. Reason being it is a tiny light source and thus can be optically controlled in a highly effective manner. Imagine a stadium lit by LED floodlight or all major thoroughfares in a city lit by LED streetlights. No untoward upward light, no glare, no pollution. LED is here and has progressed at a furiously rapid pace since the dawn of this millennium. Recently, scientists inspired by the twinkling of fireflies have modified LED to make it almost one and a half time more efficient than th