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Meet the Guru, Part III – Lighting & Biology by Professor Robert LUCAS

Lighting Updates LIGHTING UPDATES on non-visual effects of light. A highly interesting webinar by Prof Robert LUCAS, Department of Neuroscience, University of Manchester.Covers some very essential study on circadian entrainment, and what human-centric lighting can perform.

The Forgotten Light Sources

Prof Warren Julian's views on the forgotten light sources Daylight used to serve as the primary source of light throughout human history. Unfortunately, with the advent of electric light in the last century, the consideration of daylight while setting up or designing new buildings has been pushed into a remote corner. So remote, that its a forgotten light source now as per Prof. Warren Julian, Emeritus Professor in the Department of Architecture, University of Sydney.  Last year when I went To Barcelona I was amazed by the architecture of  La Sagrada Basilica. The work conceptualized and started by the most celebrated architect Gaudi in the late nineteenth century has daylight elements for every nook and space inside. Prof Warren Julian's excellent and lucid rendition on the concept of daylight presented in the ISLE webinar is here. My sincere thanks to Prof Warren Julian for sharing his PowerPoint presentations.