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FLORENCE     Florence –  the capital of the Tuscany region and the cradle of Renaissance   We opted for Flix Bus while traveling from Venice to Florence. The road journey takes about three and a half-hour. In Florence, it terminates at the rear end of Santa Maria Novella (SMN) train station. One of Italy’s busiest stations, it got its name from Santa Maria Novella Church just across the plaza from the main entrance. We debarked at the station and refreshed ourselves at McDonald's before hiring a cab for our hotel. Florence, popularly known as ‘Firenze’ by the Italians, is located in central Italy. This dreamy city with a romantic name is the regional capital of the lovely Tuscany region.   Columbus Hotel, where we stayed, is located in Lugarno District. We always prefer to book our hotels through Booking.com as we always land up getting good hotels at good locations. Despite being a little away from the heart of the city and Santa Maria Novella station


The name GRAND PRIX conjures in my mind the classic 1966 movie I saw as a youngster on 70 mm screen.The film which follows the fate of four Formula One drivers through a fictionalized version of the 1966 Formula One season went on to win three Academy Awards for its technical achievement in showing speed and spectacle with unique racing cinematography.Some famous Hollywood actors of yesteryear like James Garner, Yves Montand and Eva Marie Saint starred in this movie. I still remember the concluding scene. The game is over, the stands empty and one of the drivers walks on the track kicking dust.Suddenly he is engulfed with onrush of events which had taken place - cheers from the spectators as the cars whizzed past the stands, the thundering roar of the attractive looking speed machines all creating wonderfully nostalgic waves of crescendo which finally die down to swirls of dust blowing silently over the empty track. On October 30 2011 I got the opportunity to watch a Grand Prix again but this time it was a live show on T.V. I was awestruck by the consistent speed at which Sebastian Vettel steered his way to victory. He kept the lead from the very go and even went on to achieve the fastest lap.I must admit that watching the first Indian Grand Prix which was held at Greater Noida on the outskirts of Delhi was like a dream come true, because only a few months back I was thrilled to see Michael Schumaker's garage near Cologne while driving back from Paris. For all motor sports and speed lovers I present below a series of articles written by Rudraneil Sengupta who covered the first Indian Grand Prix live from the circuit right from the preparation and practice stages to the finals.

saw this article on Mint ePaper, and thought you would find it interesting. You can find it at: 'Practice session gives F1 drivers first impression of circuit'Mint ePaper - Digital replica of Print Edition.

ePaper Solution by Pressmart

saw this article on Mint ePaper, and thought you would find it interesting. You can find it at: 'INDIAN GRAND PRIX Practice session gives F1 drivers first impression of new circuit'Mint ePaper - Digital replica of Print Edition.

ePaper Solution by Pressmart

arundhati sengupta saw this story and thought you might be interested to view it:

Vettel wins inaugural Indian Grand Prix

Red Bull driver finishes 8.4 seconds ahead of McLaren's Button; organizers say 95,000 attended event

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